How much do Swiss organizations contribute to the public value?

The Public Value Atlas answers this question and ranks Swiss and international companies and organizations according to their public value contribution.

How are the results presented?

In the broadly laid out panel survey that forms the foundation of the Public Value Atlas, the respondents could rate organizations from 1 (poor public value contribution) to 6 (strong public value contribution). The Atlas shows how often each organization was given a particular evaluation. This leads to varying distribution curves, also called violin plots.

According to which criteria are organizations evaluated?

Each organization is evaluated according to four public value dimensions. The values within the dimensions are shown in the overlaying violin charts, while the strong line shows the unweighted average of the four dimensions, i.e., the public value score.

How is the ranking list developed?

An unweighted average is calculated, which is based on all the survey respondents’ evaluation of the four dimensions. The organizations are ranked according to this public value score.

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