Interesting results in 2017

In comparison to 2014 and 2015 the concern about the common good in Switzerland increased significantly in 2017. 73 of 100 respondents are fairly to very concerned that the public value in Switzerland receives too little consideration (compared to 65% in 2015 and 68% in 2014). 92 of 100 respondents are of the opinion that private-sector companies have a responsibility to contribute to the common good. This represents a sharp contrast to the current revival of the shareholder value approach, see comment of Sergio Aiolfi in NZZ of 29 July 2017.

From an employer perspective, it is noteworthy that 81 of 100 respondents are inclined to accept salary cuts in order to work for an organization that upholds a high level of public value (76% in 2015 and 71 % in 2014). The consumer view is added to this: Apparently public value orientation also reaps benefits when it comes to shopping. 85 out of 100 respondents indicate that they prefer products or services that are beneficial for the public value, even if they have to spend more on them (86% in 2015 and 74% in 2014) – 16 of 100 respondents were willing to spend more than 10%.

Interesting facts

#1 86 of 100 respondents indicate that they have a clear concept of public value.

#2 95 of 100 respondents believe that they can contribute to public value through their own behavior.

#3 The banking and the media sector stay far behind the expectations of the Swiss population with regard to the contribution to the public value.

#4 Women prefer to work in organizations that uphold a high level of public value, even if it means they earn less.

#5 Respondents in Western and Italian-speaking Switzerland are the most concerned that public value is reiceiving too litte consideration in Switzerland.

The increase of concern about public value emphasizes its growing relevance for the Swiss population. This is probably due to current developments both within and outside the country. It is certainly the case that a large share of the population holds private companies as well as themselves responsible for providing remedy. In this context public value becomes a societal phenomenon as there is a necessity to reconcile organizational actions with the values and needs of the broader society.