Interesting results in 2015

As in 2014, 65 of 100 respondents are fairly to very concerned that the public value in Switzerland receives too little consideration (68% in 2014).
From an employer perspective, it is noteworthy that 76 of 100 respondents are inclined to accept salary cuts in order to work for an organization that upholds a high level of public value (71% in 2014). The consumer view is added to this: Apparently public value orientation also reaps benefits when it comes to shopping. 86 out of 100 respondents indicate that they prefer products or services that are beneficial for the public value, even if they have to spend more on them (74% in 2014) – 16 of 100 respondents were willing to spend more than 10%.

Interesting facts

#1 Men are significantly more concerned about public value than women.

#2 Women prefer to work in organizations that uphold a high level of public value, even if it means they earn less.

#3 Men indicate that they have a clear concept of public value.

#4 Respondents in a management function indicate that they have a clear concept of public value.

#5 The concern for public value increases with age.

The Swiss are thus concerned about public value, and are even prepared to forego financial prosperity in favor of public value. Consequently, public value is an important topic for organizations and companies. Confirmation of the own public value contribution and its confident communication become an important argument in marketing, sales, and staff recruitment.