The supporters circle of the Public Value Atlas Switzerland has been initiated in 2016 to foster the further development of the Public Value Atlas in Switzerland. By means of our data from the Public Value Atlas we like to support firms and organizations  in gaining valuable business knowledge and insights into their public value and identifying appropriate measures. As a member of our supporters circle you will ensure the continuation of the Public Value Atlas studies.

Members of our supporters circle benefit from:


Access to a network of scientists and organizations of various industries to share experiences and best practices.

Round Table Events

Free participation at at least two events per year with different key topics, joint elaboration of future-oriented innovations.

Analytical Tools

Analytical tools for a detailled analysis of organizations' public value for strategic and operational work will enhance your understanding of  ...

  • ... the Public Value of all organizatios of the Public Value Atlas (How do respondents from different age groups, regions, with different educational backgrounds etc. evaluate each organization in the various dimensions?)
  • ... the Public Value of all industries that are part of the Public Value Atlas (How does the Swiss population evaluate the public value potential of different industries?)
  • ... the understanding of public value within the population (How relevant is contributing to the common good when it comes to purchases or job decisions?)

Would you like to become a member of our supporters circle? We are available to discuss your individual queries. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt
Tel. +41 71 224 39 07

Hermann Sw

Dr. Carolin Hermann
Tel.: +41 71 224 3754