The PublicValueAtlas helps to understand how the Swiss population thinks of the public value of organizations and companies. The concern about the common good in Switzerland has risen significantly during the last years. Companies and organizations of all sectors are challenged at a high level. By means of our data from the PublicValueAtlas 2017 we would like to support you in acquiring valuable business knowledge and identifying appropriate measures.

If you want to develop deeper insights we offer support and counselling around the following topics:

Public Value of your Organization

Enhance your understanding of how the Swiss population perceives your public value: How do people of different age groups, educational backgrounds, regions (for instance German-speaking part of Switzerland, Western Switzerland, Italian-speaking Switzerland) evaluate your organization in the various dimensions.

Public Value of your Sector

Gain an in-depth insight of the perception of your and other sectors regarding public value: How does the Swiss population evaluates the public value potential of your sector? How about the public value contribution of your sector in comparison to others?

Public Value in Society

Improve your knowledge on how the population in Switzerland thinks of the topic of public value: Who is held responsible for the common good in Switzerland? Which importance is attributed to public value when it comes to purchase and job decisions?

We offer

  • Company-specific detailed analysis
  • Customized evaluation tools for your own strategic and operational work
  • Events and discussions on public value and the PublicValueAtlas
  • Exclusive round-table events with leading Swiss companies
  • Individual counselling

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